In 2017, I left a full-time position in communications with an organization whose work I really valued. It was time to throw caution to the wind, dust off my ideas, and start writing about the things I love best: the Canadian prairies, their history and heritage, and the fun that’s to be had exploring them.

I was bitten by the road-trip bug early on. Raised in an Armed Forces family, we spent summer vacations travelling back and forth across the country visiting relatives. What better way to be introduced to camping, the outdoors, and regional histories than to spend weeks at a time stopping wherever our fancy took us? And, how incredibly fortunate to have seen so much of this country first hand?

In between then, and now, the road has been a crooked one. Detours and rest stops have included a chicken catching business (don’t ask), a stage management career, a history degree, volunteerism, and stints as a publicist, a memorial designer, a green meetings strategist, and most recently, a communications and marketing professional. It’s been a wild ride but I wouldn’t change a thing.

Debbie MacLeod, head shot

I’m always interested in project-based contracts in the arts and cultural industries, or the non-profit sector. Skills include research and writing, social media, web design, and event planning. To see writing samples, or a resume overview, please click on the links below. – Debbie MacLeod

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